Endeavor Escape:

107 West Front St.   Buchanan, MI 49107

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Endeavor Escape Rooms: Buchanan hosts the themed adventures on this page. We are located in the old Buchanan Jail in Downtown Buchanan, across from the Post Office. We are at the southwest corner of Clark and Front St. Our parking and entrance are on the west side of the building. Please use parking spaces nearest Front St as the Fire Department needs clearance for their engines!

Please plan your arrival 15 minutes to scheduled start time to sign in and go over rules of the room. 

We have adopted a private booking policy. Your team will be the only players at the appointed time. We clean our rooms thoroughly after each appointment to ensure a healthy play environment for your team.


We are not accepting walk in bookings at this time. Please book your escape ahead of time!


Difficulty: 6/10  Max Size: 8 Players

Recommended Group Size: 4-8 Players

The Feds finally caught the Boss. He is awaiting a transfer from a local cell to a maximum security penitentiary. As his loyal subjects, you can't let that happen.

After being picked up for a petty theft, you bribed a guard to be in the adjacent cells. Now it is time to spring him before they move him to his new "home". Failure is not an option.

cold war espionage.jpg

Difficulty: 9/10  Max Size: 8 Players

Recommended Group Size: 4-8 Players

We have reason to believe the CIA has been infiltrated. Over 20 missions have been compromised over the last year. This has lead to the death of dozens of agents.

We have narrowed the list of suspects to 8 agents that had the clearance level required. You have access to all the pertinent information.

Root out the mole before they strike again!