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Endeavor Escape: Granger

51160 Bittersweet Rd Ste 10

Granger, IN 46530

Endeavor Granger.png

Endeavor Escape Rooms: Granger hosts the themed adventures on this page. We are located in a Shopping Plaza, in the lower level of the east building (2nd from the entrance). Be aware that we have limited handicap accessibility. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. 

Please plan your arrival 15 minutes to scheduled start time to sign in and go over rules of the room. 

We have adopted a private booking policy. Your team will be the only players at the appointed time. We clean our rooms thoroughly after each appointment to ensure a healthy play environment for your team.

We are not accepting walk in bookings at this time. Please book your escape ahead of time!

professor's study_edited.png

Difficulty: 9/10  Max size: 8 Players

Recommended Group Size: 4-8 Players

Professor Sullivan was always sticking his nose where it shouldn't be. Looks like whatever he was researching caught up to him.

You are a team of investigators tasked with finding his research and making a clean escape before the proper authorities destroy the paperwork. The scientific community needs this possibly valuable information!

pharaohs tomb.jpg

Difficulty: 5/10  Max Size: 8 Players

Recommended Group Size: 3-6 Players

The expedition seemed cursed from the start: Sandstorms, faulty gear, nearing the end of your water supply. Finally, the team found the Pharaoh's tomb.

You arrive back with fresh supplies to a deserted camp. Did the other team fall prey to tomb robbers, or was the curse of the pharaoh real...?


You are a member of a secret society of

relic hunters, which has been searching for an ancient power source called the

"Source Stone". Deep in a mine shaft

the Stone has been rediscovered. Unfortunately, a militant group has

taken over the mine.

Beta team has drawn them out 

with a distraction.

Now is the time to act!

You have 60 minutes to get in, find the Source Stone and get out alive. Good Luck!

Difficulty: 7/10  Max Size: 8 Players

Recommended Group Size: 3-6 Players

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